• A beach landscape painting at wonderful Robe in the south east of SA.
  • The early morning catches an interesting mood. The air is clear, the sun is bright, it is not yet hot, the day is full of promise. The light catches the awning's vivid red and the communication tower at the end of the jetty. There is some fascination with the water lapping the shore, the ripples and the shadows under the jetty.
  • Capture the impression of the endless break of a passive surf break at the famous Cactus Beach.  At sunset, watching wave after wave roll in. The light slowly fading, but leaving an orange hue on the horizon and an eerie purple on the break. With the wind dropping in the evening, the scene depicts a peaceful reminder of the power of the sea.  
  • A special Australian Landscape.

    Occasionally an early morning bike ride to Port Adelaide reveals another stunning dawn. There is a theme around the pink reflections of the sunrise before merging into the morning sky. The light is fleeting, although the morning is breaking, the lights on the jetty still shine. The sun has yet to catch the beach scrub and the lights on the jetty are still bright.



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