Elephant Rocks


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You would have to say that a trip to WA’s GreatSouthern is a great way to spend some time. Apart from the food and wino attractions, there is the intriguing  Elephant Rock. (It would be really nice to understand their place in dreaming stories. There must be stories about connection to country and the relationship between tree and rock and to understood it would be better).

Generations of battering from the Southern Ocean has created a unique set of rocks in the image of four or five elephants making their way to and from the raging surf. To the painter there is the challenge of capturing this sense of movement and power of the ocean, the smoothed granite rocks and the rapidly changing sky as storm clouds roll past provides a rapidly changing light.

1 in stock


Elephant Rocks


Roscoe Shelton

50.8cm H x 60.9cm W X 3.8cm D

Oil on canvas


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