Stubbs Waterhole

Stubbs Waterhole


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We talk about the timeless grandeur of the Arkaroola Landscape. Arkaroola is synonymous with ancient geological ages. It is the most rugged expression of the Australian Landscape. At once powerful and untamed with a natural beauty.

According to legend, Arkaroo, the great Dreamtime serpent lived in the Gammon Ranges. He felt very thirsty, so he slithered down to the plains and drank Lake Frome dry. When he had finished, he went back to the Gammons, his body gouging out Arkaroola Creek. The waterholes represent the places that he stopped and rested.

Stubbs Waterhole with plenty of water for a change.

1 in stock

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Stubbs Waterhol


Roscoe Shelton

40.6cm H x 50.8 cm W

Oil on canvas board


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