#087 Bararranna Gorge


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We talk about a timeless grandeur of the Arkaroola landscape.

Bararranna Gorge Waterhole, One of the iconic vistas of the Arkaroola Landscape

Arkaroola is synonymous with ancient geological ages. It is the most rugged expression of the Australian Landscape. At once powerful, untamed but with a natural beauty.This scene projects a primeval emotion typical of the harsh and robust environment. The rock faces are sharp and steep with few trees successfully finding a crevasse to set their roots. Interest in the scene is enhanced with the foreground water, and we have the curiosity of what lies around the next bend as we make our way up to the Bararranna Waterhole. There are still many questions that the landscape asks of us. Look at the sharpness of the rock face embracing the cutting power of flood.

Contemplate just how high and powerful the flood must be when it does rain.


1 in stock


Bararranna Gorge, South Australia


Roscoe Shelton

40.6cm W x 50.8cm H

Oil on canvas panel

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Framed, Unframed


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