Art of Roscoe

The more you look, the more you see, the more you learn


Roscoe captures special Australian landscapes on canvas in a most authentic manner. He has found great inspiration in the rugged, desert landscapes of the Arkaroola area, but you will also find him in other stunning Australian locations or perhaps you might like an impression from the Kimberley or a still life for your home.

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East Point Sunset, Darwin

Another intoxicating sunset in Darwin. There is a gracefulness about the way the sun descends and provides a parting goodbye in the form of the colourful light on the calm, still water. A very special place.

Brighton Jetty

The early morning light catches the awning’s vivid red and the communication tower at the end of the jetty. There is some fascination with the water lapping the shore, the ripples and the shadows under the jetty.

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