Art of Roscoe

With oil on canvas, artist Roscoe Shelton captures landscapes in a most authentic manner.

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In the relentless, harsh reality of the Australian outback, there are fleeting moments of beauty…. in the morning or the evening, when the light catches a cliff face, it might be the desert clouds or reflections at sunrise or sunset, it might be that transient splash of water or some emerging vegetation after a recent desert sprinkling, this is the World of the Art of Roscoe.

The outback provides reminders that human beings are bit players in the march of geological time. Visit Roscoe’s interpretation of the forces of nature at work, in some of the oldest environments on this planet. The Australian Outback serves as a beacon to reacquaint with our core values and a deeper understanding of the natural world.

“Unearth a deeper understanding of this country called Australia”

What’s new

Art of Roscoe has a fabulous collaboration with Journey Beyond to deliver “Art of Rail” for SALA 2023. This exhibition will be on display at the Keswick Interstate Terminal in August and features eight of my works. They will be auctioned with proceeds going to a number of charities.

More about The Art of Rail – SALA 2023 Here . . .

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The Art of Rail – SALA 2023

Recent Work

This work comes from a series. Explore the Top End, the Katherine Gorge, the land of the Jawoyn People.

This 50cm by 60 cm oil painting will remind you of a remarkable place from remarkable journey.

It might bring you a new and deeper understanding of Jawoyn country.

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Maybe I could help you with a commission. Contact Roscoe and share your thoughts on a proposed outback landscape.

A collaboration with Art of Roscoe will bring a rewarding and timeless insight into one of your (our) favourite places.

The Art of Arkaroola

SALA 2023

Arkaroola Village is featuring 7 of my favourite places from the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary that I have painted over the last couple of years as part of SALA 2023 at Arkaroola.

At Arkaroola, Doug and Vicki put in a great effort to preserve this special place. All the proceeds from this exhibition will contribute to the social enterprise (The Arkaroola Education and Research Foundation) that supports research projects in botany, geology and palaeontology in this unique landscape.

Be inspired, visit Arkaroola, an amazing place.

The Artist

Roscoe is a South Australian artist who captures impression of special Australian landscapes. He has been fortunate to have spent much of his time in the Australian outback, admiring the landscape, geology, and colours.

You might find him on the track somewhere between Adelaide and Darwin, maybe its Karijini or the Gibb, or Arkaroola.

This is where he calls home.


An insight to how he thinks, seeking to capture an impression of place, a perception, a personal feeling, one that you get when you enter a landscape.

Explore how to covey that moment.

An Article – “The Essence of Place”


What makes a painting? Why is it different to a photograph? Follow this story of a new piece of work from Palm Valley in the MacDonnell Ranges.Understand the painting. Come on this journey with Roscoe.