Art of Roscoe

With oil on canvas, artist Roscoe Shelton captures landscapes in a most authentic manner.

 Gallery with a Vision

Art of Roscoe has established the  STUDIO GALLERY right in the heart of Adelaide.

Lot 14, Regent Arcade.

Core open times are from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm on weekdays (but not wednesdays or weekends).  However to support SALA 2024 during August, the Studio Gallery will have extended Other times by appointment.

Meet the Artist – Roscoe Shelton,- “Painting Landscapes That Matter”

I have always lived with art, so in a way it is not a retirement occupation, rather, I now have the time for a passion that was curated from a very young age.”

Roscoe is an exhibiting artist for SALA2024 and is also represented on ShopSALA.

In the Studio now . . .

Roscoe works in his studio preparing work from recent trips through the “Outback”. Currently works are inspired by a 4WD excursion to Ningaloo and the Coral Coast of WA. These are paintings inspired by the reef itself, the beaches, and the gorges and canyons of Cape Range. It is a reminder to check out the Tim Winton’s documentaries on “IView” featuring Ningaloo.

#192 Winderabandi Point

A new landscape from the drone to provide a different perspective

#199 Seacliff Moon at Dawn

We still have sensational sunrises in Adelaide, this one is near the Seacliff Hotel featuring the clouds on the horizon and the moon with a wafer thin cloud. The reflected colour on the horizon presenting a challenge to do this scene the justice it deserves, (and provide a break from the Ningaloo Series).

SALA 2024 Venue is Coming to Regent Arcade!

SALA 2024 comes to the Regent Arcade during August, the first of a number of Exhibitions planned for our venue. This SALA event will bring together three artists of three genres, to produce “OUTDOOR ART PERSPECTIVES”.

This promises to be an exhibition that should not be missed, for starters, it features the vibrant art of  NATASHA MILIOTIS who produced some beautiful watercolour paintings of the endangered swift parrot that will make a big impression.

To compliment this, JAMES ROLEVINK will show off  his exceptional talent with his photography of birds, bees and butterflies at very close range.

ROSCOE SHELTON will anchor the exhibition with his well regarded landscapes. A recently completed set from the World Heritage Ningaloo region to compliment his understanding of the World Significant Arkaroola. His work is sure to exceed last years successful ART OF RAIL exhibition held at the Kewsick Interstate Railway Station.

This collection will be display at Lot 14, Regent Arcade, Adelaide from August 1st to August 31st. Take the opportunity to meet the artists and see just what Adelaide people can do to showcase art in this lovely heritage arcade.

Successful SALA 2023 Exhibition

During SALA 2023, Roscoe held a successful exhibition “Art of Rail” at the Keswick Interstate Railway Terminal with Journey Beyond featuring inspirations from the Ghan Railway Journey.

#182 Leaving Alice

The Ghan journeys north leaving behind Alice Springs and the Red Centre.

#175 Standley Chasm

A visit to this iconic chasm, west of Alice Springs is a feature of the Ghan Journey.

Recent Works in the Studio

Roscoe is working on the works from Ningaloo, including the beaches, the reef itself, Cape Range and the gorges and canyons that provided so much inspiration.

#186 Curdimurka

This is a second version of one of the standout paintings from the Art of Rail exhibition. Here I have been captured by the light bouncing off lake Eyre South and illuminating the sky notwithstanding that sunset is approaching.

#187 James Price Point

James Price Point is the location that was initially considered for a gas processing facility. These cliffs are absolutely stunning and this recognises that good sense prevailed to protect this unique landscape.

My Favourite Works . . .

Every painting has a reason, otherwise why paint it in the first place. Some achieve the intended objective if they have captured the essence that drew the attention in the first place. So I do have some favourites for special and different reasons.

#134 Millstream

To this day I still remember the shadows of the late afternoon racing across the spinifex plain turning gold into shadow. I do love the colour that the iron soaked ridges add to a breathtaking view.

#183 Katherine Gorge

I have travelled the Katherine Gorge many times. This time the water was higher than usual but I think I nailed the water and the clouds. .

Arkaroola is a Special Place . . .

It is 55 years ago since Roscoe first visited Arkaroola. The rugged mountains, the unreliable and infrequent rain has produced a very challenging landscape. The elements challenge natures ability to survive. It is an area of much learning, understanding and inspiration.

#147 Mt Ward / Split Rock

A stopover on the famous Ridge Top Tour at Arkaroola. There is a ruthlessness in the landscape and yet a beauty.


A rockpool at the opening of Bararrana Gorge. One of a number a waterholes in Arkaroola Creek that come to light in good years.

Around Adelaide . . .

Roscoe is working on the works from Ningaloo, including the beaches, the reef itself, Cape Range and the gorges and canyons that provided so much inspiration.

#090 Birkenhead Bridge

A nod to Turner or Clarice Beckett? Another early morning scene at dawn with the moon still in the sky reflecting in the river.


Brighton Jetty.

Latest Excursion

Exploring the lands of Namatjira

Late in 2023, I travelled through the gorges of Tjoritja/West MacDonnell NP, Finke Gorge NP and Hermannsburg looking for the landscape and colour that inspired the works of Albert Namatjira. The year had been blessed with good rains, so in place of those dusty pinks and blue we found abundant green. Next year!

#183 Palm Valley – Mpulungkinya

A recent trip visiting the gorges of Tjoritja/West MacDonnell NP, Finke Gorge NP and Hermannsburg looking for the landscape and colour that inspired the works of Albert Namatjira and others.

#184 Palm Valley – Finke Gorge NP

Walking along the old creek bed of Palm Creek, exploring the ancient panorama, the sandstone formations and the rare cabbage palms, the cycads and the ghostly white gums.

Each year I participate in some way with the SALA (South Australian Living Artist) exhibitions. In addition I present some of my favourite South Australian paintings for sale on the ShopSALA website.


SALA 2023 – Great successful exhibition with Journey Beyond (8 paintings) at the Keswick, Adelaide Parklands Train Terminal to celebrate Trail Travel. From Darwin to Adelaide, from Sydney to Perth and from Adelaide to Melbourne, the Art of Rail exhibition brought three artist’s interpretation of the journeys to canvas as part of SALA 2023.

The Ghan Collection


Arkaroola is one of those special places. It is a landscape that is rugged. It has to be robust to survive long periods without rain. It is a place that at once you can observe the stars, the turmoil of the clash of tectonic plates, the evolution of species into a harsh but wonderful environment. Learn more.