The Art of Roscoe “STUDIO GALLERY” is presenting this exhibition to support SALA 2024 Festival.

Lot 14, Regent Arcade.

Core open times are from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm (Tuesday to Saturday) and on Sunday from 12 noon till 4.00 pm.

Called “OUTDOOR ART PERSPECTIVES”, this exhibition celebrates Nature through three eyes and brings together three talented exponents of their individual genres of art and will be display at Lot 14, Regent Arcade, Adelaide from August 1st to August 31st. Take the opportunity to meet the artists and see just what Adelaide people can do to showcase art in this lovely Heritage Arcade.

Natasha Miliotis has been drawing and painting since she can remember. In late 2022, Natasha took a sea-changing mighty leap to create and paint full-time. What is emerging is Australian flora and fauna, whimsical landscapes and magical imaginings. Natasha teaches individuals and groupsandexhibits at local art exhibitions,with herwebsite showcasing some of her creations. She has produced with some beautiful watercolour paintings, in particular some  of the endangered swift parrot which will be a highlight of the Exhibition.

JAMES is a man with a mission. He describes himself as a neurodiverse polymath, photographer, author, educator and ecological justice campaigner with a mission is to empower young people with stories about Ecological Justice and Activism to reclaim their future and well-beingJAMES ROLEVINK applies his exceptional talent to the photography of birds and bees at very close range.

ROSCOE SHELTON will show his well regarded landscapes, this time featuring art from Ningaloo to Arkaroola which is sure to exceed last years successful ART OF RAIL exhibition at the Kewsick Railway Station.

Complimenting his Arkaroola work, ROSCOE SHELTON will bring his experience of Ningaloo to draw comparison with the equally stunning Arkaroola.