The Studio-Gallery of Art of Roscoe has a home at:

14 Regent Arcade, Adelaide

This STUDIO – GALLERY is the start of a vision to locate contemporary fine art studio-gallery in the heart of Adelaide.

It will evolve into a place where artists of very different genres will be display their works and in turn entice the many visitors to this historic arcade to stop for a moment and contemplate their world and what is important in it.

Regent Arcade is a exemplar of the best of “Old Adelaide” architecture. Many of the shop fronts retain that old character frontages and is home to a unique and interesting band of businesses of Coffee Shops, Jewellers, Leather Craftsman amongst the many and varied small businesses.

Opening Hours:


Monday- Friday 10.30 am to 4.00 pm (except Wednesday’s)

Extended hours for Exhibitions: & days a week.

Currently, you can see Roscoe at his craft, in the studio preparing work from is his recent to Ningaloo. There are paintings inspired by the reef itself, the beaches, and the gorges and canyons of Cape Range. It is a reminder to check out the Tim Winton’s documentaries on IView to understand fully the significance of Ningaloo. There are a number of works in progress or nearing completionon display including:-