#183 Mpulungkinya Ampitheatre


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Palm Valley in the Finke Gorge National Park. It is close to Hermannsburg  (Ntaria).

The Mpulungkinya Walk takes you to the amphitheatre at the head of the valley immersed in the lands of the Western Aranda people.

There is character of this fascinating landscape, water smoothed rocks that tell of vast torrents of water, and yet it exists in a pretty arid landscape. The frequent pools support the Red Cabbage Palm and those white trunked gums that the Hermannsburg school of artists have so famously represented.

1 in stock


Mpulungkinya, Palm Valley,Finke Gorge National Park, NT.
Roscoe Shelton
50.8 cm H by 60.9 cm W
Oil on stretched canvas on pine frame.
Ready to hang.

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50.8cm H x 60.9cm W


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